How to Date a Black Woman Booklet for White Men

Date a black woman

Yes, you got it right: dating a black woman is not the same as dating the white woman; at least not if you’re a white man. There are some things you must consider and pay attention to, which doesn’t exist outside interracial dating.

For that reason only, we have provided you with the “How To Date a Black Woman Booklet for White Men,” created by few of our distinct female members. Who’s better to advise you in this matter than a black woman, right? Few of them even better.

As you will see, there’s really no need to keep digging for some 400-page book that will only bring more confusion in your life. Things are much simpler than you think. And while there are some differences between in-racial and interracial dating, they are still not of any significant level that should make you anxious or worried in any way. They may appear like it, but sleep it over and you’ll realize that we are in fact talking about insignificant aspects of human life.

Even with these small “obstacles,” dating a black woman is rewarding and totally worth every effort.

In short, we’ll go over critical things connected with interracial dating. At the end, you’ll learn how to date a black woman, but do bookmark this page to refresh your memory when the time comes to actually date a black woman you met online or in a nearby store.


Here are some tips & tricks to date a black woman

First, we must address to our societal understanding of interracial dating and inevitable prejudices you’ll be encountering in your everyday life once you start dating a black woman.

Society, while openly rejecting any form of racism, is still bounded with racial biases

And it’s a fact. If you don’t have the gut to deal with the nicknames, looks and moderate racist jokes aimed to you and/or your black date, it might be wise to rethink your decision.

As you’re well aware, interracial dating is still picking on a momentum. In the US alone, less than 13% of couples are interracial. On both sides, there are strong racial biases, indoctrinated with the common paradigm that races should not mix. To make things even worse, much of the negative response will come from your closest social circle where those who are claiming how racism is not their thing, will suddenly appear insecure and start using phrases and mimics that can only be described as provocative and borderline insulting.

Given that fact, one of the first things you have to clear in your mind is the fact that there will be times of turmoil. It’s inevitable because inappropriate commentaries will arrive from both sides. Same as some white folks don’t look at the interracial dating with positive eyes, so do black folks. That will lead to tensions and you will be forced to deal with the things you are not used to.

To date a black woman, white man has to be prepared to show teeth from time to time, or, on the hand, to suppress his urges and smile away, knowing how he’s got a devoted partner along his side – the thing that makes a relationship successful. After all, we are not living in a fairy tale so what’s the use of hiding the fact that in some instances, people will look at you with judgmental eyes and even say things that will trigger adrenaline release. As it has been said, much of that will come from people you know and love.

RECOMMENDATION: it doesn’t concern you in any way what others have to say about your choicestop thinking about narrow-minded pricks and make love to your black woman.


With that in mind, you have to realize another fact, when dating a black woman.

You are in fact a minority

Not because you’ll be the only white dude in a group of black people. That’s the least of your worries. The fact that you date a black woman makes you minority among the whites. That’s the paradox. Only a fragment of the population engages in interracial dating, regardless of what it may appear to you.

That leads to a certain open provocation coming from your closest circle. Nicknames such as Oreo, Salt ’n’ Pepa and similar will be an everyday stuff. How you’ll handle it, is totally up to you because there’s no single solution applicable to any situation and/or environment.

The same will happen to her. Her community will start to question her motives and “loyalty” to the race. In some communities, the reverse racism presents with greater obstacle than most people are realizing or willing to admit.

And we must not forget the “moderated,” “funny,” and “what? It’s a cute and harmless joke” types of racist jokes your white friends will start telling the first time they feel “relaxed” enough in the vicinity of your woman. They are not relaxed or indifferent. The term that comes to one’s mind in this situation is envy and another one, that perhaps even better describes your “friends”, the insecurity or low self-confidence.

RECOMMENDATION: smile away, detach from assholes and again, make love! That’s the whole point anyway.

If she would be drawn to black penises, she wouldn’t be interested in you in the first place

Date a black womanSo forget about this most common cliché. Black women are dating white men because they feel like it. There are no hidden motives and it’s not connected with some sort of experimentation.

She likes white men. You like black women. It’s that simple.

Then again, it’s close to impossible to detach from the common paradigm of black stud and his 12-inch dick from her past (if any!). Can you compete in that field? Who gives a shit! If that would be the thing about her immediate interest, you’d never stand any chance with her.

You see, many white men who’s been dating black women for some time now and ultimately engaged in long-term relationship didn’t grow their dicks along the way. And yet, there they are, in happy and fulfilling relationships. When I think about it, interracial relationships are less prone to breakups and divorces once entire thing grows roots.

It may have something to do with the fact that interracial couples are already going against the grain, detaching from a common stereotype of a couple. Just analyze your closest environment and you’ll notice how white men are more satisfied with their relationships with black women than it’s the case with stereotype – in both instances.

Thus, the size of your dick has nothing to do with the fact that she’s interested in dating you.

RECOMMENDATION: every time you get affected by these kinds of thoughts, make love to her!

When dating a black woman, do not compare her to other black women. Instead, compare her to women.

And this is perhaps the most valuable takeaway. You see, many white men make terrible mistakes and open conversation with, “You look far better than other black women I met. One look at your profile photo and I knew we were meant to be together.

If you had any delusions that your relationship with this particular black woman will evolve, forget about it. It won’t happen. Because, one thing becomes clear to her: you’re racist! As such, you are definitely not suited for interracial dating.

And while it may not be your intention to deliver such an insult, it will most certainly be understood in that manner.

RECOMMENDATION: think before you say it! Even better, if this is something you don’t consider as such a big deal, do spend time self-reflecting and figure out why you wanna date a black woman in the first place.

You are not dating an exotic woman. You’re dating a black woman. It’s the power you have yet to explore and experience.

Date a black womanWhile term “exotic” is commonly used all over the freakin’ place, particularly in hooks made by online interracial dating sites, in variety of ways, such as “date exotic women from Africa” or “exotic black women for white men;” the fact is – we are talking about a woman and not some strange creature that appears only sometimes, in the darkness, when nobody is looking, which makes it even harder to get.

By definition, that’s something that can be called exotic – it’s hard to get an extremely illusive.

And while everybody is aware of this, don’t be surprised when your white friends start pounding you with the fists, congratulating you on your successful hunt. Yeah…this shit happens, believe it or not. It’s like you went on a safari or climbed Mt-freakin’-Everest.

They just don’t understand the immense energy, hidden inside every black woman. Perhaps, they are even scared a bit, only don’t want to admit it. Use it as a countermeasure from time to time and they will lay off, guaranteed.

Let me tell you this: once you kiss those lips and they kiss you back, your life will never be the same again. You’ll feel it with your entire body. Dudes that never had a privilege to experience it, don’t know how it feels. So, they are largely used their imagination, inevitably influenced by stereotypes and racial biases, thinking how your ability to date a black woman is some supernatural power.

In reality, there’s no difference. Well, in my experience, black women are far more passionate than white women are. But that’s just me.

RECOMMENDATION: we are all — without exception — yet another complex chemical compound, similar to everything you see and don’t see around you. Thus, distinguishing people on account of skin color can only be described as mental illness. As such, people with these tendencies should be automatically admitted in mental institutions and completely removed from society.


Which leads us to another stereotype and perhaps something you’ll have to deal with:

Dating a black woman has nothing to do with fetishism!

So, if you’re drawn to black women just to fulfill some fetish you have for black skin, dating is not the word that can be applied in your case. What you’re ultimately looking for is an escort service.

Interracial dating is about relationships that are not influenced by any kind of motive. You just have affection toward black women, same as they have it toward white men. None of you are able to explain that affection with words.

Only if the above applies, one can say that he’s interested in dating a black woman.

It’s like the feeling of love. You cannot really describe why you love somebody. If you can, then we are not talking about love because these types of emotions are coming from primitive parts of our brains where no logic or speech exist. Only raw chemical connections that may or may not appears logical to you or anyone else.

Then again, we cannot rule out the possibility that white men with a fetish for black skin of a woman will somehow find the black woman with the opposite type of fetish. As we said, we are all yet another type of walking chemical compound that sometimes act and responds in unexpected and above all, unexplainable ways. There are 7,4 billion people on this planet. That’s a lot of combinations and chances are that you’ll ultimately find whatever you’re looking for. Just focus on it, that’s all.

RECOMMENDATION: keep it to yourself for the time being if you are willing to take your chances. But, you’re better of placing an ad in the yellow pages or Craigslist.

Finally, to date a black woman, you need to be a confident man before anything else

Years of oppression and deliberate non-recognition of equality and subsequently, individual values, transformed black women into confident and strong human beings. Growing up in an environment that doesn’t perceive you as equal, but as inferior, creates tremendous and decisive influence on your central belief system. By being constantly bombarded with racial remarks and biases, the woman ultimately develops a strong character.

But that only makes them highly passionate and fully devoted. Hardly any white woman can compete with a black woman when it comes to raw passion and energy. You can consider yourself lucky if you connect with a black woman on a long run.

To achieve that, pussy-like, low-confident and insecure type of behavior won’t fly my friend. Do grow some ballz before you start dating black women because they have zero tolerance for bullshit or crybabies. At least in majority of the cases. I myself have never met a black woman who is attracted to a wuss. But then again, I don’t know all of them.


That being said, one thing must be clear to you: there’s no difference whatsoever in dating women. They all have a tendency for mood swings and possess high precision skills when it comes to throwing something at you. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Black or white, when she’s pissed, bring the flowers/chocolate and get the hell out of her way.

Now when you know how to date a black woman, it’s time to make the final step. Black Diamond Dating is providing you with dating service with black women for white men. All you have to do is setup your dating profile and you’re on your way to mingle with beautiful black women who are interested in dating white men almost exclusively.


By: Stephan Moreau


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