If you’re interested in finding black women online, there are few things you need to take into consideration prior to making your first move into this wonderful and above all, exciting and mostly uncharted territory. First It all boils down to finding a quality interracial dating site.

Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time trying to message fake profiles or even some weird dude or bot. Thus, the imperative is to rely on a proven dating service with black women for white men.

So, the logical step presents itself…

Step 1 – Due diligence prior to finding black women online

And do take it seriously. Because you really don’t want to lose time chasing ghosts. Therefore, the first order of business is to check few things once you land on an Guide to interracial dating - Black Diamond Datinginterracial dating site providing you with the dating service with black women for white men.

Now, why did we underline this part?

You automatically removed two obstacles dummy J. First, you know that girls are interested in dating. Duh! Second, you know that girls are interested in dating a white dude. Get it?

For example, let’s say that you are checking out some hot black woman in a nearby grocery store. How do you know: A) that she’s interested in dating, and B) even if she is, how can you be sure that she’s in for white dude?

So, to find black women, interested in dating you — the white dude — you go online! Yeah, baby! We’re gonna find black women online using an interracial dating site that provides you with the dating service with black women for white men! Period! That’s what you’re seeking for.

Let’s move on.

Once you found a promising dating site, such as the one we are persistently trying to point you on while you’re deliberately avoiding it, next order of business is to check the “goods.”

Step 2 – Find your black woman at an interracial dating site.

Check the homepage and free-for-all portfolio and do focus on images marked as ‘VIP’ or those ranking high or whatever the hell they are using to get your attention as long as it’s not some half naked Playboy model. It means that those photos and bios are more likely to be factual and not fabricated or exaggerated.

The point is to get that sense ‘Aaah, that’s what I’m talking about’.

You have to feel it. Although, the cream of the crops is most likely reserved for members only even though the site owner of the interracial dating site will make sure to advertise a few carefully picked faces/profiles for guest users.

Now when you’re sure that you’ve found your interracial dating site and that you’re ready to find black women online for dating them later on, it’s time for you to make that final leap and set up the profile – which is the most important part of the entire process.

Step 3 – If you wanna find black women online, then you better set that profile right!

Guide to interracial dating - Black Diamond DatingMeaning that you should cut the crap right there in the beginning. Don’t over exaggerate because chances are that you’re gonna meet the woman sooner or later. No point of lying anyway.

But first things first – profile photo!

Who you are? What kind of a guy you truly are? Conservative? Probably not. Rich? Poor? Scared? Bald? Willing to challenge authorities? Willing to take risks? Or you’re a crybaby looking to find a strong black woman online?

Whatever suits you best, make sure that your profile photo tells that story!

It’s all about those first impressions. If you profile pic sucks, then your entire online dating experience will most likely suck. So make your homework and pick the very best or take new ones. Go see the professional photographer and do the session.

Why is this so important?

Once you breach this first obstacle, it gets easier because first impressions can’t be changed that easily. If she clicks, you can turn out to be a serial killer and she’s still having positive feelings for you. It’s how it works because it’s who we are as a species. Keep that in mind before you upload some “funny” or “Mr. Too-Goddamn-Serious-Wanna-Command” type of photo.

After you’re entirely satisfied with your appearance, another hardstone needs to be broken and removed

Your short bio!

Again, don’t go Sci-Fi with it. Ain’t nobody got time for that bullshit! (yeah…learn the jargon a bit…it will come in handy)

Consider the fact that we are all grownups here, perfectly capable of smelling the bullshit from a mile away. You see, many dudes are trying to “over-tweak” their profiles on interracial dating site and then wonder why nobody ain’t getting’ hooked. If you wanna find black women online and date few of them, reduce the crap to the bare minimum!

Those girls are smart, I’ll tell you that. It’s extremely hard to sell them a story. Because they are confident enough to put their profiles online and meets strangers. And if they have been on any kind of interracial dating site they know there are loads of idiots there.

And as it’s a new normal, lots of black singles (women of course) have accumulated experience and can tell when someone is trying to sell them fog.

Then again, if you’re so good at it, try to make money in marketing slash advertising.

But it is somewhat tricky. No matter how good a salesman you are, the hardest thing to do sometimes can be to sell yourself. Because that’s what you’ll do. You’ll be selling yourself on the open market. Thus, you need a great pitch. That’s right, your bio is nothing more than a crafty pitch that acts as a hook. Something similar to what they are using in marketing.

So how about a few pointers?

First of all, lay off of “I’s” such as “I’m a great guy who…” or “I was…” etc., etc. You see, you won’t be writing essays. Just short and concise stream of data that best represent who you truly are and what you’re seeking for, which is perhaps even more important.

Because, if you overuse “I’s”, it may appear like you’re some egocentric prick who doesn’t give a shit about another soul.

Second of all, while little bragging goes a long way, do not over exaggerate with it. To find black women online, you don’t force your achievements but preferably focus on what you have to offer to her! That’s what we do when we stumble upon some new offer. We ask ‘What’s in it for me?’ without giving a shit about the fact that you – my friend won a silver medal at the Olympics few years ago.

Sure it seems great to be mentioned but it may also misrepresent you as someone who’s totally devoted to fitness and have no time whatsofreakin’ever for her.

Bottom line is simple: when you start creating your bio, think about the values you’re bringing to the market. And your market is interracial dating site where you’re trying to find black women interested in dating you, the white dude. They are your prospects, no matter how raw that may sound to you.

For example, and this is just from the tip of my mind, “Looking for a woman who will share my passion for sunsets while enjoying tasty dinner I’ll cook for her. Cooking is one of my hidden passions…don’t tell anyone J”

You used “I” and bragged a bit but only to provide value, all enveloped into an elevator pitch. Now, what woman won’t instantly click on this line? Sunset, dinner prepped by you…freakin’ romantic novel. This is how it’s done. Just make sure to put your money where your mouth is. To learn how to cook a great meal and how to pick just the perfect wine for the occasion.

Now that you designed your “sales pitch,” time has come to send out your first batch of messages. That’s right…increase your odds. Make several picks. After all, you are trying to find black women online. Who said anything about singular being a rule of some kind, right?

Step 4 – Once you found black women online, you need to pitch them!Guide to interracial dating - Black Diamond Dating

And this step showed itself as a potential deal maker or deal breaker. It’s again about that first impression. So how about a few hints? Sound good? OK.

Why hello there little missy. I’m Mike and I think you’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to spank that sweet tooshie!

Obviously, you won’t use this approach. You cannot even strike interest at hooker this way. But if you tweak it a bit…

Hi there, I’m Mike. I just went over your profile and something you said about (dig out something she said, did, commented, achieved…) got my intention. Would like to talk about it. Is it OK to drop you a message tomorrow around 9 p.m.?

What you did here?

First, you sound cheerful, relaxed and positive. Checkpoint #1 passed.

Second, it’s clear that you did more than just checking her photo. Checkpoint #2 passed.

Third, you’re actually interested in what she has to say or what she’s being up to. Checkpoint #3 blasted away.

Fourth, you are in fact a man, willing to engage in a more complex type of conversation and not some superficial type of crap. Checkpoint #4 removed with the laser precision.

And finally, fifth, you’re being confident, precise but above all polite. The finish line is in your sight!


When you think about it, you said: “I can’t wait to spank that sweet chocolate tooshie” only rephrased it to sound more appealing. Because that’s what you ultimately want to do. That’s why you’re on a mission to find black women online in the first place. You know it, she knows it, we know it. Yet, everybody is playing dumb about it. It’s how the game is played, that’s all.

Let’s not forget about one more thing you did there. You bought yourself enough time to examine individual profiles of all black women you found on interracial dating site.

Depending on the quality of your own profile, you may expect a response. If you did everything as we explained, you don’t have to worry. The first impression was good and she’ll agree to meet you online tomorrow around 9 p.m.

That’s when the real game starts. Do swipe her profile and memorize everything. It’s your “silence-breaker” when things go quiet in chat. When you lose your inspiration, ask her about something from her profile.

Which leads us to the basic code of conduct when you’re chatting with a black woman you found online.

Step 5 – You have less than a day to make your game plan on an interracial dating site!

Your mind is overwhelmed with all those clichés you heard over the course of time and one thing that you can’t get out of your mind is – the size of your dick!

First of all, get it out of your mind. Think this way: she already expressed her interest in dating a white man, so that shit is not on her mind. At least, it’s not a deal maker in any way.

Same, avoid asking stupid questions just to test all those clichés! Yeah, dudes do that shit which automatically leads to connection loss on the other side.

Instead, talk with a woman.

That means this – she’s in the focus. You let her talk, leading her to answer your questions and open to you. Women love to talk about themselves and things that excite and/or trouble them. Go with the flow here and let her do the most talking. Take the lead by placing primary focus on you, and you’ll lose this game, I shit you not.

Also, avoid stupid racist jokes. It’s not funny! I don’t know why so many men think that it’s all right to break the ice with the stupid joke. Even if she tells you one, don’t “laugh.” Instead, say how it’s not funny but end the sentence with the smiley so you won’t hurt her feelings. She just tried to break the ice here and present herself as easygoing, completely open-minded person.

Always have the following on your mind: women — African women in particular — are extremely intuitive, smart and logical (read: cautious).


So now you know what you have to do to find black women online. The only thing left for you to do is to find dating service with black women for white men.

Luckily for you, we have just the right thing for you – a proven interracial dating site where you’ll have no problem finding black women to chat with and even date later on. Check it out.