In its essence, dating a black woman online is no different from any other type of dating. That being said, there are still few things you should pay attention to if you’re a white man seeking a black woman.

What you have here are “dating a black woman online tips” that will prevent awkward situations and make the entire experience even better.

Online dating and interracial dating sites, in general, are providing you with the unique opportunity to meet black women interested in online dating with white men.

It’s yet another advantage of specialized interracial dating sites that provide you with the dating service with black women for white men. Much of a guesswork, common in traditional dating, is eliminated with the interracial online dating practice and you’re welcome to exploit every opportunity Black Diamond Dating is offering to you.

But before we start building your dating profile, it would be wise that you go over common mistakes white men are doing when dating black women online. The following is the list of 10 most common wrong moves that are known to cause the famous “connection lost” issue on the other side of chat.

Once you learn these 10 common mistakes white men are doing when dating black women online, you’ll make a great foundation to exit the boundaries of online dating with black women and actually share the physical intimacy with one or even few of them. Don’t forget that dating is the game of emotions and you never know where that can take you.

It’s common these days that couples start their journey on an interracial dating site similar to the one you’re exploring right now. Online dating became a new normal because it offers many advantages not found in traditional dating. So get ready for the ride of your life.

Now, let’s go over 10 things white dudes do that disqualifies them from dating black women online. We’ll explain how each of the following appears to a black woman you’ve been dating.

#1 – Don’t try too hard!

Saying stuff like, “I dig 2Pac and 50 Cents also” while dating a black woman online doesn’t bring you closer to her heart. It only makes her to believe that you have some hidden motives or that you’re uncertain in the whole interracial dating thing. Saying stuff such as these is a clear representation of insecurity and possible racial biases.

For all you care, she might be into an alternative.

#2 – Stay away from politics, at least at the beginning

Although, this is not reserved only for dating black women but dating in general. For some strange reason, white guys have an urge to break the silence or appear pro-active by asking their dates about their opinion about some racial related matter.

While it may sound like a great ice-breaker, it’s generally considered as a flaw or at least mistake by a black woman you’re dating online with.

As the rule of thumb: women are not commonly interested in political, let alone racially driven political issues. You better talk about the weather. Heck, even if you’re dating a known congresswoman, you really don’t want to bother her with the stuff she is forced to deal with for 10 hours each day.

The rule is simple: politics has no place in dating!

#3 – Don’t act as some anti-racism activist because you’re not, period!

Things like, “A Dude used extremely inappropriate term to describe a black girl in our neighborhood. I gave him a piece of my mind about it,” will not produce the desired effect. In many ways, this is yet another clear demonstration of insecurity and even immaturity.

Dating a black woman online should not include some heroic I’m-the-Superman-himself type of bragging. No woman falls for this crap, black or white, so get it out of your head that she’ll be attracted to you even more if you say something like this.

Your “heroism” will be tested first time your decision to date a black woman gets challenged in an outside world. And it will most likely happen once you decide to take it to the next level and move from online dating to actual dinner with your black woman. Then we’ll see what you’re made of.

#4 – Another ‘dating a black woman online tip’ can be summed into this: she’s dating you and not people you know!

You know black people? No shit! Who would guess…

Get this in your head: she doesn’t give a fuck about whom you know and what color of their skin is. She’s on a date with you, wanting to learn more about that strange white man who got her attention with some smooth entry. Exploit that fact and open a bit, but don’t forget that she’s a woman and women prefer to talk rather than listen if you know what I mean.

Many white dudes dating a black woman online for the first time, immediately start with “I have lots of black friends.” This means that you’re in fact distinguishing people on account of the color of their skin and not personalities. Why do you think that could reflect well in a mind of a black woman?

#5 – It’s clear that you have affection toward women outside your race. You don’t have to rub her nose in it. It only makes you appear less self-confident.

Understand that a black woman dating a white man is not some sort of miracle of a rarity. So, by saying how you love all types of women clearly reflects your state of mind where you’re not entirely sure why she’s dating you. And it has nothing to do with the normal stuff like are you pretty enough or do you talk smart enough to impress her but more with the skin color.

In one way, you’re still caught by surprise with the fact that you’re dating a black woman online. So, you’re trying too hard to make it clear to her that you’re not racially biased in any way. No shit…you’re already dating a black woman…what more to add to that fact?

#6 – Dating a black woman online should not be fetishism

Saying stuff like, “I have a thing for black women,” will most certainly disqualify you because black woman dating a white man definitely isn’t doing it to fulfill some nasty fetish of that same — or any other for that matter — man.

She’s in for a true dating game where one discovers the other and if everything goes well, the two of you will be making arrangements for a night out in a short period of time.

This is the common problem with interracial dating between white men and black women. Women enter the entire deal with open mind sincerely believing that they will be able to find just the right guy. Not even in their darkest imagination are they prepared to indulge some sick sexual desires of a man who is considering them as yet another toy to play with and fulfill his sexual phantasies.

Thus, even if you “have a thing for black women,” keep it to yourself. When on a date with a black woman, talk about normal stuff that is usually discussed on dates. Try to learn more about her and allow her to learn more about you. Avoid abusing the online dating in any way.

#7 – Not every black woman uses the phrase: “Oh no, you didn’t!

So if you think that it would be funny if you imitate black slang stereotype, you might experience the “connection loss” on the other side. It’s clear that you’re judging the woman based on her skin color. It’s also easy for her to conclude that you’re either immature or strongly racially biased even though you’re dating a black woman online. Which one is it?

Just because you’re dating a black woman, it doesn’t mean that she talks like Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House. In fact, and there’s a pretty good chance for that, she might even have far better social behavior and richer vocabulary than you! Something to consider before you start talking like a brotha from da hood.

#8 – Referencing fried chicken in any way, shape, or form to a Black person can be offensive

And this is known all over the freakin’ world so why some white men are still asking their black dates if they wanna hot sauce on their chicken wings is beyond me.

Even if you reside outside the US, you must have watched at least one movie where this issue was emphasized in some more or less amusing way. Learn from it because a cliché (stereotype) becomes the cliché for a reason.

Have veal instead.

#9 – Refrain from asking the ultimately stupid questions that goes exactly like or similar to: “Why is [something] allowed to you and not to us

This mostly goes for famous “n” words. For you less aware of what this means, clearly, you have to learn more about the history of racism.

That being said, white man dating a black woman, asking shit like this, is clearly racially biased and no first date with a black woman will go well if you try to pull something like this.

It’s not the subject of the first date or even a couple of more later on because first, you have to develop a certain emotional connection with a woman. Only after that, you can experiment/risk with specific questions.

But ask yourself this: is it really an appropriate topic for any stage of the relationship? Didn’t you engage in dating black women online because you have some unexplainable affection toward them? If you want to discuss political issues then go to forums or specialized groups. We certainly don’t have a shortage of those.

#10 – “You [something] far better than other black women I met” is an insult, whether you’re aware of it or not!

It should go without saying and yet, we are witnessing this lame line on a daily basis. It’s hard to understand what drives a white man to say something like this to a black woman. He sure as hell wouldn’t address a white woman by saying, “You’re much prettier than other white women I know,” but that isn’t stopping him to pull this shit when talking to a black girl.

If you honestly feel the difference and that feeling is derived from the color of her skin, you’re not mature enough for interracial dating. It may be some sort of a fetish for you or something new you wanna try but either way, it has nothing to do with the dating.

Even if you don’t mean it that way, don’t say it! Think before you say something regardless of whom you’re addressing to. That’s the golden rule of any type of communication, dating in particular!

Your next step

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