To tell you the truth, I had my share of doubts about online dating, especially interracial dating sites. Yet, dating a black woman was something I always wanted to do. You know what they say: there’s a first time for everything.

And, since I’m a known “explorer” who, in the same time, finds black African women to be particularly sexy, I thought, wotta hell, ain’t no much of that in my neighborhood so why the hell not!

First time dating a black woman

It’s not the same as dating a white woman you met in a park, regardless of what people are claiming. At least not for the first-timers like I was back then. You’re afraid not to say something that could be potentially perceived as the insult or a sign of insecurity. Because, when you’re raised in 99,999% all-white environment, certain types of jokes are everyday stuff.

Like that’s not enough, you start wondering how she’ll respond to your appearance because, let’s face it – the difference is obvious, and I’m not trying to sound racist in any way.

You see? You just can’t avoid comparisons and stupid thoughts going through your mind.

But most of all — and you just can’t freakin’ get your mind off that shit — am I “long enough,” if you know what I mean.

When you are dating a black woman, you simply can’t avoid thinking about her past sex life and all of those black studs with giant dicks. Not that it matters in any way, but the common paradigm did its part and all those jokes you heard over the course of time suddenly appears like reality in your head.

Anyway, I tried to block all of that shit and to get myself ready to meet and if any luck – to date a black woman for the very first time.

Using an interracial dating site to start dating a black woman

Since I’m not known for a bullshitter of any kind, I did my best to accurately represent myself on an interracial dating site a friend recommended to me and to strike confidence with every word I said there. If nothing else, you are not forced to use that crappy ‘white man seeking black woman’ line, you are seeing in the yellow pages. Everything is clear from the beginning.

I made my pick from the VIP list of black African women, sent a message and sit back enjoying a glass of bourbon and taste of a good cigar.

Just a few moments later, I received a response. She was interested. Whooooeiiii   Succes…!!! Those interracial sites really works across continents.

We started texting, but I wasted no time inviting her on video chat. Let’s see each other before anything, I thought to myself. I’m not fond of that new age thing where two people are texting their asses off. Instead, I like the old school approach – a direct one!

I guess she was thinking the same because just a minute later, we were smiling for cameras (yeah… it’s freakin’ weird but you get used to it).

There are no words to describe how excited I was when she looked at me and said simply, ‘Hi’. What a beauty she was (and still is of course).

It’s like an entirely different experience when you finally hear someone’s voice and see the face behind that voice. I knew from that very moment that in no time, I’m gonna be dating a black woman. It was like dream came true.

Over the next few days, we exchanged an immense amount of information and learned a bit about each other. Our past, our expectations, our state of mind.

One thing led to another and we agreed to meet in person. We wanted to see if this interracial dating we have started also was real.

I see no point in sexting to tell you the truth. Call me old-fashioned, but I do like to have a glass of wine and “feel” someone from a close distance. If nothing else, there’s a greater chance of ending up having sex.

Naturally, I pushed in that direction. Already next week, she agreed to meet me for a dinner.

Packing my bags and flying over there

Black Diamond Dating - Interracial dating site

Only thing was: I had to fly over and spend a few days in a city I don’t particularly like. It seemed like a gamble, but on the other hand, if you don’t take the chance,you won’t get anywhere.

After a two-hour flight and chatting with a cute flight attendant who did come on to me, I shit you not, I finally reached my destination. If nothing else, I’ll go gamble a bit. Made up my mind to cope with the freaking’ dam all the way through, dating or no dating.

The car already waited for me when I landed, equipped with a rather neat and brutally efficient GPS. I had no problem finding the location (as it turned out, that wasn’t her real address…she was being extra careful that the first time).

Being a real gentleman, I bought flowers, even though I had second thoughts about it because it seemed like a cliché. Then again, cliché becomes cliché for a good reason and we shouldn’t dismiss those simple signs of affection and attention. Women do expect them.

She looked hot! Without a doubt, I was about to start dating a smoking’ hot black woman and if any luck, to see what it’s like to have sex with one. For some strange reason, I was sure that the entire experience must be better. There’s something mysteriously sexy about black women.

To make the long story short, we clicked and after a great night out, I simply said that I’ll pick her up the same time tomorrow evening. She was delighted to say the least and kiss she gave me on her doorstep, proved her growing enthusiasm. I couldn’t believe my luck. First time and already a great homerun. Damn I love interracial dating!

Third night dating a black woman and we ended up in my hotel room

She was divorced and had two kids. Ain’t no way she’s gonna introduce them to some strange white man she met only most recently. But it didn’t matter to me. I booked a neat hotel room anyway, with room service and shit. Full package.

The moment the elevator door shut, we were all over each other and continued in that fashion all the way to my room. Of course, I let her in front of me…I wanted one more look on that perfectly shaped ass before we get to the bottom of the things.

Needless to say that I could hardly control myself from ripping her clothes off in one straight move. And I’ll tell you one more thing: once you kiss the lips of a black woman, you never go back to those Botox whites if you catch my drift.

But that’s nothing compared to the image of a naked and hot black woman on your bed, looking at you with those big brown eyes. There are no words to describe the level of excitement man feels when he’s just seconds away from making love to a black woman. Perfectly shaped, chocolate ass and a stunning body make you go ballistic. I don’t think any woman before managed to trigger that level of arousal like this beautiful black woman I was dating.

And passion? Holly shit! I don’t know what or why is it, but African women are undoubtedly more passionate than white women. Every move she makes triggers yet another sensation in your brain and entire body that you didn’t know to even exist. You just want to enjoy the moment as long as possible. When that black hand touches your white skin, something mystical happens. It feels like someone released a small but extremely exciting electrical discharge in your body and you can actually feel how your blood pressure is rising.

Viagra is unnecessary, I’ll tell you that. Date a black woman and you’ll understand what I mean!

We spent three hottest nights of my life in my hotel room, but then the time has come to return to each one’s routine. It was time to say goodbye. A quickie on a way home was simply inevitable. She led me to the point where I was seriously considering the option to relocate my business just to be closer to her. For some strange reason, I was drawn to her like a piece of metal to a freaking’ magnet. Never happened before…

Long-distance interracial dating a black woman isn’t that complicated as it seems

We used this same interracial dating site to continue with our evening conversations and plans for the future. It was obvious that we were leaning towards a new meeting in the shortest period of time. Instead of cooling off with every passing day, like it’s common for these types of relationships, the situation was quite opposite. I started to miss her. And it was obvious that she’s missing me also.

I must hand it to the interracial dating site. They are providing with the neat tools to keep the hot and constant contact on the go. App worked like a charm and we were able to say ‘Hi’ to each other on our ways to grocery stores in the face, using a video chat. I guess that played a crucial role in maintaining the essential level of enthusiasm because day didn’t’ pass that we didn’t see each other’s face and talk to one another.

Subsequently, we’ve agreed to meet at a neutral location. ‘Let’s spend a weekend alone, somewhere far away’, she suggested.

When dating a black woman grow into a deep passionate relationship

It took only 2 weeks for me to regroup, organize everything and book the flight. 3 days and 2 nights of pure passion with a black woman in a spa.

Ain’t life a great thing?

What has started as the good old ‘here goes nothing’, managed to transform into one of the greatest experiences of the lifetime. All because I’ve decided to use the commodity of the new age – interracial dating site. Dating a black woman turned out to be an ultimate experience.

If you’re having any second thoughts about it, lose‘em. You’re on the right track here. It will be a life-changing event that will re-boost your confidence and improve the quality of your life.


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